This article has been just updated: January 16, 2024

Five Great Free Online YouTube Converters

The easiest way to convert YouTube videos to another format is through free online tools. Using an online tool eliminates the requirement to download conversion software and allows you to access the tool from any device that has a web browser. Here are five online solutions to consider when you need to convert YouTube to mp3 or mp4 files.

# 1 YTMp3 Video Converter

Using the YTMp3 online video converter software to download and convert YouTube videos is a very simple process. All you need to do is provide the URL for the YouTube video you want to convert. Copy it from your browser’s address bar when viewing the video and then paste it into the YTMp3.

After entering the URL into the input field you can choose between mp3 or mp4 conversion. Make your selection and then click convert. The program checks the video and converts it as long as it is less than 2 hours long. You can then choose between downloading to your machine or sending the newly created file to a Dropbox account.

The videos are converted into the highest quality possible and there is no additional software required. It’s a great free way to add to your collection of downloaded Youtube to mp3 and mp4 files.


To use this YouTube video converter, simply copy and paste the URL into the tool and select the format that you wish to use for the conversion. Click on Start and the application converts the selected video into the format of your choice. After the conversion is complete you have the option to download the file to your computer.

OnlineVideoConverter supports conversion into additional audio and video file formats like .wav, .mov, and .mpg. It can also process video from other sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


This simple tool asks that you enter the link to the media to be converted and then offers to convert into the mp3, mp4 or avi format. You need to accept their terms of service before the Convert button becomes activated. Once you check the box, you can click Convert and the tool begins conversion.

FLVTO is not the fastest online conversion tool and does offer an app that will convert files in a more time effective manner. After the file is converted you can download it to the device on which you performed the conversion.


2CONV is another free online conversion tool that offers a more robust conversion app while converting your file. It will convert a YouTube video into whichever of the mp3, mp4, and avi formats you select. You need to accept the tool’s terms of service before you can convert your videos.


Here’s another free online tool that lets you convert YouTube videos into mp3 or mp4 files. Y2Mate requests that you paste a link to the video you are going to convert and then you select the format for the conversion. You can choose from different sound and video qualities by modifying parameters when converting your videos.


Why Would You Want to Download Youtube Videos?

All you need is an Internet connection in order to access the varied content that can be found on YouTube. However, there are many instances where using an Internet connection is not an option or is not the most efficient way to use your resources.

In those cases, you will want to use a YouTube to mp3 converter to create an audio file from the original video. You can also perform a YouTube to mp4 conversion and save it as a video that can be viewed offline. Here are some reasons that you might want to use an online video converter.

  • No Internet connection – This is the most obvious reason that you would want to use a YouTube video downloader. If you want to be able to view or listen to the content of an online video with no Internet connection you need to know how to download YouTube videos. You might want to view some golf tips while at the course or catch up with your favorite conspiracy theorist while on the subway. Downloads are the best way to go in these situations.
  • Conserve bandwidth – Rather than streaming a video and dealing with the lingering effects that process will have on your Internet connection, it might be advisable to download a video and view it offline. The download will usually take only a fraction of the time spent streaming the file.
  • Multiple viewings  – If you expect to watch or listen to the video more than once, downloading also makes sense, especially if your Internet connection has limitations on downloads. You don’t want to blow out your data plan with repeated viewings of a favorite video.


  • Create a music collection – You might just want to download lots of great tracks and organize them yourself for easy access on a phone or mp3 player. Using video conversion tools can make this possible.

YouTube to Mp3 and Mp4 Conversion

We are confident that using the tools discussed above will allow you to easily download and save your favorite YouTube videos as music or video files. Be aware of copyright laws in your locale, as in some cases there may be limitations on how you can use a downloaded video. There should be no problem as long as the downloads are strictly for personal use.


Converting YouTube videos to MP3 allows for convenient offline listening, saves on data usage, and helps create personal audio libraries from video content. It’s excellent for enjoying music, lectures, and other audio while on the go.

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 for personal use is often considered fair use, but distributing or using the audio for commercial purposes without permission may violate copyright laws. Always check your local laws and YouTube’s terms of service.

No, you don’t need to install any software. These free online YouTube converters work directly through your web browser, making them convenient and accessible on various devices.

Yes, most online YouTube converters are compatible with smartphones. As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, you can convert videos directly on your mobile device.

Most online converters are safe, but it’s crucial to use reputable services to avoid malware or unwanted software. Always look for sites with positive reviews and a secure connection.

The conversion time depends on the video’s length and the converter’s speed, but most online converters are fast, allowing you to convert videos to MP3 in just a few minutes.

Yes, online YouTube converters can often convert videos that cannot be downloaded directly, circumventing this restriction by capturing the audio stream.

The MP3 quality typically depends on the conversion settings and the original video’s quality. Many converters offer the option to choose the desired quality level.

Some online converters support the conversion of entire playlists, allowing you to convert multiple videos at once, saving time and effort.

While some converters specialize in YouTube, others support various platforms, enabling you to convert videos from a range of sources.

Many free online converters do not impose file size limits, but some may have restrictions or offer higher limits for registered users.

Some advanced online converters offer editing features that let you trim the audio or adjust the volume before finalizing the conversion.

No YouTube account is required; as long as you can access the video’s link, you can convert it using the online converter of your choice.

Reliable free online YouTube converters include YTMP3 and FLVTO. They offer straightforward and fast conversion processes with no registration required.

Download speeds usually depend on your internet connection, but some online converters might limit the download speed to manage server load. Checking the converter’s FAQs or terms can provide such information.

Yes, as long as your tablet has an internet connection and a web browser, you can use online YouTube converters directly on your device.

If a YouTube video is geo-restricted in your country, you might not be able to convert it directly. In such cases, using a VPN might help bypass these restrictions.

Most reputable online converters do not store copies of the converted files on their servers. The files are typically deleted automatically after a short period.

If a converter isn’t working, you can try clearing your browser’s cache, checking for maintenance notices on the site, or using an alternative service.

Some converters automatically include metadata like the title, artist, and album in the MP3 file, making it easier to organize your audio files.