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The internet is full of websites that promise free, high-quality movies delivered without waiting right to your computer. The sad truth is that most such websites are full of malware and dangerous ads. However, exceptions do exist, and LetMeWatch is one of them.

LetMeWatchThis Mirrors:

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What Is LetMeWatchThis?

LetMeWatchThis may look familiar to those who have used an online streaming site before. In the past, the site was known as PrimeWire, but it recently split and is now distributed as PrimeWire, LetMeWatchThis, 1Channel.

The reason for the split is simple: PrimeWire became way too popular for its own good. How’s that possible? Well, online streaming websites provide access to copyrighted content, and copyright holders like the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) don’t like that.

When an online streaming site become so large that it threatens the revenues of major motion picture studios, the MPAA typically puts pressure on internet service providers (ISPs), forcing them to block access to the online streaming site, which is exactly what happened to PrimeWire.

Of course, not all ISPs are willing to censor the internet, but many do cave in sooner or later. The good news is that you can quite easily circumvent content blocking using virtual private network (VPN) services, and you can skip to the last part of this article to learn more about VPNs.


Top 10 Best Alternatives to LetMeWatchThis

1 Popcornflix

letmewatchthis unblocked

Popcornflix is one of only a handful of online streaming sites with a .com domain name. The site offers both movies and TV shows, and it categorizes them by genre to make it easier for users to find something interesting to watch.

2 123Movie

letmewatchthis movies

123Movie is one of the best places where you can watch movies online for free. The site is beautifully designed, and it presents movies in all their glory, offering multiple alternative mirrors for each movie on the site.

3 CoolMovieZone

letmewatchthis series

CoolMovieZone is an online streaming site that does a lot of things right and one thing wrong: it tries to trick visitors into registering on sites that have nothing to do with. Why? Because each registration makes it money. But as long as you remember to use the external links located below movies, you should be fine.

4 SolarMovie

sites like letmewatchthis

SolarMovie has movies and TV shows of all genres and from all countries. Each movie and TV show is properly tagged, so you can easily find other movies with the same actors or from the same director. The overwhelming majority of content on SolarMovie is available in HD, but you may also come across a CAM release.

5 PutLocker

letmewatchthis alternatives

PutLocker is a granddaddy of online streaming sites. Despite suffering multiple domain name seizures over the years, it has managed to survive and thrive, offering an astonishing collection of recently released and timeless movies and TV shows alike. The site even has anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas.

6 Vumoo

letmewatchthis alternative websites

Vumoo is fantastic for watching TV shows because it conveniently lists all episodes under the media player, allowing you to binge-watch an entire season without taking a break.

Most episodes are hosted on multiple servers, and switching between them is just as easy as jumping from one episode to the next.

7 Afdah

Afdah is a web scraper that indexes online movie sites but doesn’t host anything on its own servers. It scrapes movies of all genres, including action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, film-noir, history, horror, music, musical, mystery, news, romance, sci-fi, short, sport, talk-show, thriller, war, and western.

8 SnagFilms

Do you create a reliable online streaming site that doesn’t display too many annoying ads and doesn’t ruin your movie watching experience with constant buffering? Well, you’ve just found it because SnagFilms is all that and more.

9 GoMovies

letmewatchthis mirrors

GoMovies is a place where you can watch movies and TV shows for free and in high quality. GoMovies is extremely well designed, and the site looks and feels more like a Netflix competitor than a regular online streaming site.

10 IOMovies

IOMovies is so popular that its servers are constantly experiencing technical issues due to the large number of requests, which is why it occupies the last spot on our list of the top 10 best alternatives to LetMeWatchThis. But when the site works fine, it’s a joy to use.


How to Stream Movies on LetMeWatchThis Anonymously

When you normally browse the web and watch movies online, your internet service provider can see exactly which sites your accessing and how long you’re staying there. While some providers don’t care what their customers are doing online, others actively shape the internet based on their beliefs and in response to pressure from various copyright watchdogs.

In the United Kingdom, for example, internet censorship has gone so far that several British providers have been caught censoring political opinions they don’t like.

Given the unfortunate state of internet censorship, it’s only natural that you wouldn’t want to tell your provider that you’re watching movies on LetMeWatchThis. To hide your online activity from your provider, you need to use a virtual private network service like NordVPN.

Named the best VPN service provider in 2024, NordVPN has been helping users enjoy the internet securely and anonymously for many years now. It operates a massive global network consisting of over 5,200 VPN servers located in 62 countries. NordVPN implements a whole host of state-of-the-art privacy features, shielding your internet activity from online surveillance as well as annoying ads.letmewatchthis use vpn

You can get started with NordVPN for just $2.99 a month, and you have as much as 30 days to evaluate whether the service is worth the price.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on “Get It For $2.99/mo.”watch letmewatchthis anonymously• While the price appears to be time-limited, that’s not really the case. NordVPN is just using a very old marketing trick to create the urgency to sign up.
    • But don’t worry: NordVPN is a legitimate company, and virtually all other VPN providers use similarly shady sales tactics. That’s just how things are with VPN services.
  3. Choose a plan.letmewatchthis use vpn service
  4. Create an account.nord vpn service for letmewatchthis
  5. Select a payment method.letmewatchthis mirrors 2024
  6. Download NordVPN’s free client and install it on your device.✔ NordVPN works on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.
  7. Establish a secure VPN connection.


LetMeWatchThis shares its DNA with another popular online streaming site, PrimeWire, offering an excellent alternative for people whose internet service provider has blocked PrimeWire. Even though LetMeWatchThis has yet to become as infamous as many other large online streaming sites out there, we still recommend you visit it only with a VPN service like NordVPN to keep your browsing history to yourself.


Various sites like 123Movies, Popcornflix, Putlocker, SolarMovie, Vumoo, YesMovies, Yify TV (YTS), GoMovies, Primewire, and FMovies offer extensive libraries of movies and TV shows for streaming, similar to LetMeWatchThis. Each platform has its unique features and library to cater to different user preferences.

It’s essential to exercise caution when using any free streaming site due to potential risks like malware and unprotected streaming. Ensure you have a robust antivirus program and consider using a VPN for an added layer of security. Sites like these operate in legal gray areas and may present risks of varying degrees.

Most of the sites similar to LetMeWatchThis do not require users to create an account to start streaming. Sites like Popcornflix and SolarMovie allow immediate viewing access, although some may offer additional features to registered users.

Streaming quality can vary on these platforms, so it’s advisable to check user comments or ratings if available. Some sites might offer HD quality options or allow users to select different resolutions to suit their internet connectivity.

Certain websites, like 123Movies and YesMovies, offer mobile-friendly versions or apps for easier access on smartphones or tablets, but availability can vary, and apps might not be official or safe. Always verify the credibility before downloading any app.

Yes, legal streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are reliable alternatives. They require a paid subscription, but they offer licensed content with better video quality and no legal ambiguity.

These alternative sites typically offer a diverse range of genres, including action, comedy, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, and others, to cater to the varying tastes of their audience.

Several streaming sites like FMovies and GoMovies aim to provide the newest releases. However, the legality and video quality of these recent uploads can be questionable, and users should tread carefully.

Certain sites offer users the ability to request movies or TV shows that are not currently available in their catalog. Features like this can typically be found after creating a free account, if required.

Yes, many of these alternative sites offer a selection of international films and foreign language content, providing a vast array of options for those interested in world cinema.

While not always necessary, using a VPN can provide additional privacy and security when streaming content on these sites, particularly for bypassing geo-restrictions or protecting personal data.

Many streaming sites offer subtitles in various languages, which can be beneficial for non-native speakers or those watching foreign films. Availability may vary from one site to another, so checking individual site features is recommended.

Most sites continuously update their libraries with new titles and episodes to keep their content fresh and engaging for users. The update frequency can vary, ranging from daily to weekly, depending on the site.

Some free streaming sites are designed to be compatible with smart TVs directly through a web browser or casting devices like Chromecast, while others may not have this functionality.

If one of these alternative sites goes down, it’s usually a good idea to have a list of backup sites or switch to another similar platform. Users commonly hop between different sites when downtime occurs or use legitimate paid services to avoid interruptions.

Using ad-blocking software or extensions on your browser can significantly reduce or eliminate ads on these streaming sites, making for a smoother, uninterrupted viewing experience.

While free streaming sites often have HD streaming options, the availability of high-definition content might be limited by factors such as the source material and the website’s bandwidth.

Using free streaming sites can pose risks like malware or phishing attempts, so it’s important to keep your system’s security software updated and to exercise caution when clicking on links or pop-up ads.

Many streaming sites provide options to share movie links with friends or on social media platforms, allowing users to recommend their favorite content. However, it’s important to be aware of the copyright regulations regarding sharing.

If you face any issues while streaming, troubleshooting steps include clearing your browser’s cache, ensuring your internet connection is stable, updating your browser or streaming app, or trying an alternative streaming site.